Maze Defense Tower System (1)

3月 2nd, 2009 Categories: コンピュータ及び科学全般ネタ

Above information was updated to this new site.

This is my information and small suggestion to beginner of facebook Maze Defense players.Below picture is the hierarchy of tower system. (The picture did not include all of the Tower yet.)

This is only my suggestion that yellow towers are good the Gate keeper. It is slow shot but big power.

Blue towers are good to reduce Bugs on the middle of fields. It is middle power but fast shot to give more damage to Bugs.

Brown towers are good for both Gate keeper and reduce Bugs on the middle of filed. It is middle power and middle shot speed.

Please see below example. It is just my current Layout. I’m just load now. And I did not build maze yet. But below layout could defence for the attack from Power level 147 card.

You can also see “The Judicator” page. I got a lot of information and hint for defense way of this game.

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  1. bobby
    3月 4th, 2009 at 21:17

    But I lost by Power card 167 today. If each bugs power reach to 2000point, above defence is not enought.

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